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Saturday 20 Jan 2018
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Blockart setupYour monitor unpack for you and... in few seconds you're ready to go.
You can do itThe blokart has 3 wheels. You may lift up one...
Duo Come with a friend, your kid, your wife or even your pet and take wind all together. This is the "chabadabada" !
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several blokarts for friends, family or colleagues

You are a group of maximum 10 persons. At your disposal, you have up to 4 different blokarts. You can either ride freely or participate into a race.


We're wind lovers ! We "land sail" in Lady's mile (Limassol) on blokart. This is unique in Cyprus !
A blokart is easy to drive, making it fun to use for recreation, as well as for pushing the limits of what they can do.

François and Jean-Philippe

2016 Season NEWS

This is your last chance to sail before Christmas ! Check up the latest amazing JP ricau's video with friends